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1- Air breathing direct sodium borohydrid fuel cell

No: 70572

Country: Iran-

2-  Air breathing direct ethanol fuel cell

No: 70573

Country: Iran

3- Effect of ionic liquid structure on the performance of anode catalyst in DMFC

No: 66919

Country: Iran

4- Preparation of Novel Nanostructure PANI/Pt/C for using in DMFC anode

No: 59067

Country: Iran- Confirmed by IROST

5- Design and Construction of novel membrane electrode assembly nanostructure using modified electrodes.

 No: 12302

 Country: Iran- Confirmed by IROST

 6- Gas Supply Subsystem  for fuel cell application

No: 33179

Country: Iran

7- Construction of Hydrogen Gas Generator by using Anion Exchange Membrane and non-Precious Metals

 No: 92179

 Country: Iran

8- Development a Process for  MEA Construction by Using Graphene Nano-particles in Decatlon Method

No: 88794

Country: Iran 

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی